Akamai Advisors uses a team approach in order to deliver an array of services. Our holistic methodology gives you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your trusted professionals are on the same page.

Our Services

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Retirement Planning

Retirement can feel both exciting and sometimes daunting. This is a critical time to re-evaluate your plan and consider Social Security and/or pension distribution options, other income needs, and risk exposure to taxes, healthcare and inflation. Our approach brings specialists in all these areas together to deliver a coordinated and holistic solution. We make retirement planning fun for you!

Risk Management

Covering risk is a big deal! People often don’t realize their true risk exposure until it’s too late. Longevity risk, inflation risk, sequence of returns risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, market risk, opportunity risk, and tax risk should all be considered. Risk also lies outside your portfolio in the form of litigation, loss of income due to a health-event, a permanent disability, a long-term care situation, or even death. Our team approach calls on specialists with both an investment and insurance background to deliver a coordinated protection plan comprised of strategies that make sense for your specific risk tolerance level. Take this quiz to gauge your risk tolerance.

Life Insurance

We find most people and even some advisors don’t fully understand the scope of benefits Life Insurance can deliver in a portfolio. When utilized and managed properly, it can be one of the most powerful tools for your estate and tax-free income planning. Today, life insurance offers living benefits to protect against other risks related to health or end of life expenses. Contact us today for a complimentary life insurance review to determine the strength of your existing policies or to see what life insurance can do for you and your beneficiaries.

Tax Planning

Most of our clients agree they don’t want the government to be their primary beneficiary. Due to recent changes in legislation and the tax code, it is important to strategize potential scenarios that have you paying less in taxes and more to the beneficiaries you care most about.

Financial Planning

Financial planning cannot be effective without considering all aspects of your finances as one cohesive, ever-evolving machine. We strive to ensure that all the elements are working together to optimize your financial future.

Home & Auto

We aim to bring a personal touch to the process of purchasing home and auto insurance. Too often property and casualty insurance is bought over the phone or online with no real understanding of options and the importance of adequate coverage. Bottom line cost may not be the most important variable, schedule an appointment to find out why.

Medicare Planning

You paid Medicare taxes and now it’s time to reap the benefits! We have a wealth of experience and can advise on whether to remain on your employer sponsored plan, help determine if you should enroll in Part B, and help you decide what supplemental coverage is best for you.

Business Services

We specialize in Buy/Sell agreements, Key Person insurance, Business Succession Planning and more. We offer lunch & learns to help employees understand the benefits available to them and other financial topic of interest.

Employee Benefits

We help employers deliver a full menu of benefit offerings to include Group Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Retirement plans and more. We also assist employees manage their internal 401k investments.

Our Team of Specialists Work Together to Make Sure Your Needs are Met!

Convenient, Efficient & Coordinated Approach


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